Mother's room Mother's room Mother's room

«Мамина світлиця» – ікони, сорочки - вишиванки, рушники, українська обрядова вишивка. Вінниця

Each nation is rich in its traditions, it is strong with its amulets and glorious with its masters  ...
Red Cranberry, multicolored embroidery and a sincere song - is the soul of our Ukrainian land. Maybe for somebody,  Ukraine is a "margin(border)", and for us it is our "mother", which can not be chosen,  which is cherished, thanking God for the donated morning dew and "a clear starry night ..."

The creative workshop «Mother's room» has been created for you  for the very  purpose  to preserve the traditions of  embroidery of the native land and beautify it with modern design techniques and findings


– Workshop takes orders for making icons and pictures embroidered with threads and beads, embroidered shirts, ritual embroidery (wedding towels, shawls for weddings, etc.) only handmade;

– Designers - ethnographers help each client to create a custom-made shirt that will serve  not only for dandy, but also as a talisman for you and your home.

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«Мамина світлиця» – ікони, вишиванки жіночі, вишиванки чоловічі, українська обрядова вишивка, вишивка бісером. Вінниця © 2016